Plane passenger mortified as she reads woman’s texts saying she’s Covid-positive

A plane passenger was left mortified after reading text messages sent by the woman in front of her on the flight.

The traveller noticed the female had been writing to someone to tell them she's flying early as she's got coronavirus.

Posting on Reddit, the user shared a snap of the passenger's texts on the forum which showed the startling confession.

Responding to a message from a person named James, the woman replies with a message reading: "We gave Covid… shhh.

"That's why we're returning home a day early, on the plane now."

The person sharing the photo, who was presumably sat behind the woman, captioned the post: "Is this even legal?"

While many readers were obviously outraged, others accused the photographer of being "nosy" or claiming the message was fake.

Commenting on the thread, one said: "Plot twist: she only typed that because she knows the a**hole behind her is reading it."

Another added: "I miss the days when people would mind their own business."

And a third chimed in: "Going to have this on my phone next time I fly for the peekers lol."

But some Reddit users were on the poster's side as the majority were fuming by the woman.

One said: "Expose her to the flight attendant. See something, say something."

Another wrote: "F*** people who KNOW they have Covid that don't take precautions to keep other people safe from it."

A third revealed: "People don't want to miss their flight, delay their trips, go on vacations, etc. Just assume everyone has it."

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