Plane armrest button gives you more space and leg-room – even in economy

Want extra legroom next time you fly?

It may not be necessary to fork out extra money for fancier seats.

By booking a spot on the aisle, there’s a secret button you can push to adjust the seat.

To find the spot, look for a button or a lever underneath the arm rest that you can lift up.

This should provide you with an extra few inches of precious space – it's not as much as business class, but it can make all the difference.

When a cabin crew member shared the hack on Reddit, others chimed in with their advice to make flights feel more comfortable too.

One responder explained: “These are standard on most aircrafts.

“Primarily used for passengers with disabilities that have to use the aisle wheelchair to transfer into the aisle seat.

“If you ever feel you need to request this seat just call your airline. They have the list of where they are located on each flight.”

Another said: “I do this every time, especially when we land and I’m so sick of being confined.

“There’s at least one tired businessman who travels constantly that will notice and be like, ‘HOW DID YOU DO THAT?’”

A third revealed: “Lol saw this stewardess doing this a few days ago and I was baffled. Sadly mine didn’t work.

“Depends on the plane because some may not work cause they’re a bit old. (She also was struggling. Not all arm tests would work).”

And a fourth added: “Has been on 99% of all flights I took. Very handy when you are leaving the plane too.”

So will you be trying the flight trick? Let us know in the comments below.

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