Passengers urged to avoid ‘wearing trainers’ to the airport to save time

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Founder and CEO of shoe brand Sole Bliss, Lisa Kay, urged passengers to avoid wearing trainers when going on their next holidays. She said: “I’m a shoe specialist… don’t wear trainers to the airport!”

The shoe expert recommended “saying no to trainers” and sticking to slip-ons: “I’m going to be controversial and say that traditional trainers are not the perfect footwear for the airport – and there’s a couple of reasons as to why.”

Lisa explained trainers are comfortable but they can become “a bit of a hindrance when you’re moving through airport security”.

“Taking them on and off means un-tying the laces and then re-tying them back up again, which can make you feel a bit rushed and flustered as you gather your things,” she explained.

She claimed the best trainers for airports are zip trainers as “you slip them on and off with ease and you don’t need to spend time tying and untying your laces at security”.

Alternatively, passengers can opt for slip-on shoes which are also “super easy to take off during the security checks and less padded than most lifestyle trainers”.

Some people wear them without socks, which is a great option if the destination has a hotter climate.

Lisa also advised travellers to “steer clear from wedges and stay stylish with flats”.

She explained why: “Say no to wedges and yes to flats. Wedges are beautiful when you get to your holiday destination, and paired with a maxi dress they will have you feeling like you’re on the runway in no time.

“However, you’ll be feeling more run-away than runway when you have to untie and send them through the security scanner.

“Not everyone has to take their shoes off, it depends on the airport – but if you are wearing wedges it will almost certainly be guaranteed as the wedge in the heel is seen as a suspicious area to conceal items.”

Instead, passengers can opt for flats which are much easier when moving through the queues.

Although flat shoes are also great when arriving in a hot country, the experts recommended always packing socks.

She explained: “My tip is to pack some fluffy socks for the plane as the air can get quite cold and if you’re wearing flats you might want to keep your feet a little more snug!”

Heels are not recommended for travelling as “they can get pretty painful when you’re waiting to board the plane”.

Kitten heels, however, are a more suitable alternative for long trips.

Lisa advised: “Kitten heels are usually a maximum of two inches tall, and offer some of the same sensation of added height but without adding the extra level of strain to your feet and ankles.

“Another plus is that most kitten heels are sling-back style, and this means you can easily pull them on and off when going through security – something that other heel styles can get a bit more tricky with,” she explained.

In fact, flight attendants wear high heels to greet the passengers during boarding and when disembarking the plane but they soon change into flat shoes for the whole duration of the flight.

Flat shoes make their walk up and down the aircraft cabin easier and less tedious.

Flats are also safer than heels in the case of an emergency or during turbulence.

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