Passenger fumes as person next to him turns plane seat into bed and puts feet up

A bloke was left fuming by a fellow passenger’s rude behaviour on an Emirates flight – and posted the antics on social media for all to see.

Holidaymaker Paul was on board a flight when he spotted a woman trying to get some sleep.

But, she was positioning herself in such a bizarre way it disturbed other passengers.

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Paul decided to take a snap of the woman and share it on Twitter with the caption: "The person next to me on my flight."

In the image, he blocked out her face for privacy, but she could be seen slouching deeply in the Emirates seat with her legs stretched straight out in front of her.

She balanced her feet – which were covered by heavy, leather boots – on the headrest of the traveller in front of her’s chair.

Many social media users criticised her behaviour and pointed out that it was dirty and impolite.

“I feel violent, just looking at the photo,” added a commenter.

Another said: “I also wouldn’t have given her anonymity. She deserves as much respect as she’s shown others.”

“If I was in front I would have sharply reclined my seat by now,” exclaimed a Twitter user.

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When asked if anybody tried to make the woman stop, Paul wrote: “No – I was expecting the poor sod in front to say something but she was like this for about an hour.

“Amazingly remained asleep throughout.

“Minor additional point but as we are flying via Dubai it’s an enormous cultural faux pas to show the soles of your feet to other people like this.”

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