Parents shamed for letting child ‘bounce on seat tray table for 8 hour flight’

A young child was recently spotted jumping on the plastic tray table of the seat in front of them while on a flight.

Now, we all know that kids can find flying difficult – their ears pop, they can get bored and they don’t like not being able to run around.

This means lots of parents find travelling via plane with little ones tricky.

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Most mums and dads worry that their child will cry or scream earning the anger of the people around them .

On Reddit, a poster shared some viral footage of a small child clearly trying to entertain themselves while flying with their parents.

They said: “Letting children run wild during an 8 hour flight” and racked up over 17,000 likes.

However, many people criticised the youngster’s parents for allowing them to put their bare feet on the plastic tray table.

They went on to bounce and jump on the table while gripping and pulling at the headrest of the person in front of them.

Reddit users were divided over the behaviour – with some being appalled that the parents didn’t stop their child.

One person noted: "I would feel like a failed parent if my kids were doing this and I was just straight up allowing it."

Another added: "Why is the guy just letting it happen? I would’ve said something."

A third exclaimed: "I'm honestly surprised there aren't any adult only flights. I'm sure many lawsuits would come from it but I think it's a solid idea."

"I would feel like a failed parent if my kids were doing this and I was just straight up allowing it,” noted another.

While someone else suggested: “Ask politely once. Beyond that, dont engage, call over the flight attendant.”

However, some people were on the parents’ side.

“In situations like this I am patient enough to let it run its course until someone ELSE notices besides me,” one person said.

Another added that they refused to take their son on plane journeys because they expect he would act the same.

While another said: “Kids can be hard to handle. Especially in a situation like this with all the new physical [feelings], a room of strangers.”


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