‘Not a legitimate excuse’: Martin Lewis shares warning on travel refunds – ‘few rights’

This Morning: Martin Lewis discusses travel refunds and PCR tests

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The UK Government introduced new travel restrictions this week which require all holidaymakers arriving in the UK to take a PCR test on or before two after arrival. The tests can be very expensive.

On ITV’s This Morning, an audience member asked: “We booked a holiday through TUI to Tenerife and paid in full by credit card before the new Covid rules came in for travelling for PCR tests?

“How do we stand to get a full refund?”

Philip Schofield clarified that the question was for holidays where travellers can still go but will have to take the tests.

Martin said: “You don’t (qualify for a refund). That is what I’m afraid is called disinclination to travel.

“And disinclination to travel, this isn’t a new thing, has never been covered by travel insurance.

“Now at the moment, actually if you can’t go due to Covid Governmental rule changes, which is different to if you get Covid, or you get Covid abroad where most policies will cover you.

“But the rules changing either by the UK Government or a foreign Government, the travel insurance won’t cover you.

“So what you’re reliant on is booking a policy, or booking a holiday that has cancellation rights and cancellation options.

“So I don’t know what the cancellation options you’ve booked on your holiday are.

“But I’m afraid the cost of PCR tests or having a PCR test is not a legitimate excuse to claim money on your travel insurance.”

Martin then offered some useful advice for any British tourists planning to book a holiday now.

He said: “Anybody booking travel right now, the first question you need to be asking is ‘what are my cancellation rights if things change’?

“Because you’re unlikely to be covered because of big changes in Covid rules.”

He told the customer: “So speak to TUI and be nice. See if you can move the date if that’s what you want to do but you have very little rights.”

New travel rules have thrown holidays into chaos as some families face paying hundreds for PCR tests in the UK.

As Martin said, disinclination to travel will not qualify a customer for a refund although some companies may allow passengers to move their holiday.

easyJet holidays has announced it will offer refunds to customers who are affected by new Spanish travel rules.

Every tourist over 12 visiting Spain now needs to be fully vaccinated which has impacted some families with teenage children.

Those families will now be able to get a refund from easyJet holidays for trips booked for before the end of 2021.

British tourists are advised to check the UK Government and any local restrictions in place before travel.

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