New ‘world-class theme park’ is coming to the UK – the British answer to Disneyland

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A new theme park will start building next year, and it will be a British affair, with three British firms already announced to work on the project. The new theme park met local opposition when the area was designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The London Resort is an ambitious project.

Announced seven years ago, the plans for the multi-billion pound development have been met with resistance, delays and setbacks.

The theme park will be the first European development of its kind since 1992’s Disneyland Paris.

The park will reportedly be the size of 136 Wembley stadiums.

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It was meant to be The London Paramount Entertainment Resort, but the Hollywood studio withdrew its involvement.

This year, however, Paramount’s name popped up again, this time alongside BBC Studios and ITV Studios, as key providers of intellectual property.

The intellectual property of Paramount includes Star Trek and Mission: Impossible.

BBC Studios could be bringing Top Gear, Doctor Who and Blue Planet to the park.

ITV Studios is the owner of Coronation Street and Love Island.

The London Resort, which will be built on the Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent, is hoping to become a first class amusement park.

CEO Pierre Yves Gerbeau said Britons can expect “everything you would expect in a world-class theme park.

“Something that maximises all the new immersive and interactive technologies and things like esports – which I believe are reinventing the world of entertainment – to create a global leisure destination.”

The plans for the park are extensive.

A theme park, hotels, resort amenities, with future phases’ plans including an indoor waterpark and another theme park.

The London Resort’s CEO said: “You might have the best rollercoaster on the planet, but at the end of the day if in three-years’ time it’s not sexy any more, you’ve got a nasty accountant who’s going to talk to you about the concept of amortisation.

“That’s just the case with the rides, but it reinforces why we want to deliver shows and immersive experiences too.”

The park is set to rival the best in theme parks in Europe.

“We happen to be on the Eurostar line, so I would say internationally that’s going to be very helpful. I know some of my ex-colleagues [at Disneyland Paris] would be very nervous, but there’s a big enough market.”

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