New ‘supersonic plane’ will be able to fly London-New York in 3.5 hours

A new supersonic plane dubbed the 'world's fastest airliner' is set to fly passengers in 2029 – and it will be able to fly between London and New York in just 3.5 hours.

In fact, it will fly at speeds that can break the sound barrier!

Created by Boom Supersonic, the Overture aircraft is set to go into production by 2024, and be rolled out a year later.

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However, you'll need to wait a little longer to step onboard, as passenger flights aren't expected to start until 2029.

The plane will be able to carry 65-80 passengers, and will fly Mach 1.7 (the measurement used for the speed of sound).

So what exactly makes a supersonic flight so different?

According to the Boom Supersonic website: "Supersonic aircraft fly higher than existing airliners, cruising at up to 60,000 feet. At this altitude, you fly above most of the turbulence, allowing a smoother ride than on subsonic aircraft. Looking out your window, you will see the darkness of space above you and the curvature of the Earth below."

They do however add: "Passengers will not hear or feel anything associated with the plane breaking the sound barrier."

The plane itself is designed with four wing-mounted engines and 'gull wings' that are specifically created to 'enhance supersonic performance'.

As for that loud roaring noise you usually hear at take-off? The Overture will have the "world’s first automated noise reduction system" meaning a quieter experience for passengers.

The company is also currently building its 'Iron Bird', a 70,000 sq ft testing facility in Colorado, USA, which will serve as home to the first full-scale testing model, as well as flight deck simulators.

The aim is to have everything ready by 2026, when the first flight is expected to take place.

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