New Study Reveals Consumers' Growing Desire to Spend on Travel

The desire to travel continues to build, with many travelers around the globe planning to spend a significant amount on a trip this summer, according to American Express’ Amex Trendex, which tracks how consumers, small businesses and merchants in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Mexico and Canada are approaching spending, saving, traveling and more.

The research found that more than one-third (34 percent) of Americans expect to spend $800 or more on travel in the next month. That figure jumps to 49 percent in Canada and 57 percent in Japan.

In the U.S., a majority (40 percent) are more likely to travel domestically in the coming months compared to internationally (12 percent). However, it’s worth pointing out that Americans are currently severely limited in terms of available international destinations, with many requiring negative COVID-19 test results for entry and Europe recently extending its ban on U.S. travelers due to the country’s growing number of coronavirus cases.

Unsurprisingly, road trips remain the most comfortable mode of travel in the next three months (63 percent), edging out hotel stays (43 percent) and flying (30 percent). Only one-quarter of travelers from all six countries surveyed are comfortable staying at a home share while one in 10 is willing to go on a cruise.

In five of the six countries that Amex examined, respondents said that what they miss most about travel is the overall travel experience—35 percent in the U.S.—while most Japanese travelers are longing for the opportunity to relax and unwind (28 percent).

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