New holiday trouble for Brits as 11 European countries see coronavirus spike

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Brits could be caught in holiday mayhem if another wave of coronavirus hits.

Cases are rising in several European countries, which has led to regulations changing.

Spain has been taken off the travel corridor list as its Covid-19 cases have risen to 39.4/100,000 in the last fortnight.

Holidaymakers returning from the popular tourist hotspots now have to quarantine themselves for 14 days.

Other countries have also experienced a spike in infection rates, including Belgium and Luxembourg.

And according to the Mirror, there are more countries ministers are “keeping an eye” on at the moment.

Croatia has also seen a surge in coronavirus cases, so could potentially be removed from the “exempt” list.

Meanwhile, France and Germany have also seen their infection rates rise.

France’s two-week infection rate has spiked from 14.6/100,000, which is a difference of 25%.

And Germany’s Covid-19 cases have jumped by 21% to reach 7.8/100,000.

For this reason, the government has warned that travel guidelines are being “reviewed’.

If destinations are deemed to be too risky, they could be removed as travel corridors.

The government website explains: “We will keep the conditions in these (exempt) countries and territories under review.

“If they worsen we will reintroduce self-isolation requirements.”

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Oliver Dowden said he understands the public’s “anxiety and frustration” over changing measures, but warns Brits that there’s no guarantee they won’t be quarantined.

He said holidaymakers can go ahead the trips but “need to be aware of the risk that quarantine could be imposed”.

The Cabinet minister added: “But as long as people are aware of that risk they should continue to book holidays, but just bear in mind that this may happen, and it has happened in Spain.”

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