Mum slammed as ‘selfish’ by boyfriend after she books them a surprise holiday

A woman was slammed as 'selfish' by her boyfriend after she booked a surprise trip to Paris for the two of them to enjoy.

The romantic had long dreamed of visiting the French capital and so opted for a Valentine Day trip with her partner, but booked without telling him.

On the morning of their journey the woman told her man where they were headed, reports the Mirror.

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However, she was shocked when his response was less than positive, writing about the experience in a Mumsnet post.

"I surprised him this morning with a city break for Valentine's Day to Paris," she wrote. "I've always wanted to go and thought it would be a lovely weekend away.

"He's angry at me for not discussing it and said it's because I'm 'selfish' and have 'only child syndrome'. I honestly didn't do it to be bossy or over bearing. I just wanted to do something nice.

"I've paid for flights/transfers/hotel so it's not like I'm asking for anything from him. Should I have asked him first rather than surprising him?"

The post triggered a flood of responses, with dozens of people arguing fiercely for both sides.

One mum wrote: "Well he doesn’t need to go then, does he! Take a friend instead. Honestly what a t***."

A third weighed in: "He sounds a bloody misery. I'd be thrilled if someone did this for me."

Another person even suggested that the original poster finds someone else to go to Paris with.

They wrote: "Dump him. He's not a good fit for you. Move on to someone who appreciates spontaneity and joie de vivre. He sounds dreadfully dull."

While most people appeared to be on her side, some did put up a defence for her boyfriend's response.

"Sounds like you're planning trips frequently that he doesn't want to go on therefore can't be expected to be as grateful as if it was something he actually wanted to do," one mum wrote.

"Are you sure you're compatible as a couple? As I'm sure someone who enjoyed travel would love you doing these things."

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Later in the thread the woman replied that "unfortunately", this behaviour was not uncommon for her boyfriend.

"(He) can't get excited for anything till the day then finds the tiniest things to moan about," she wrote. "Tbh I should have known, but I got excited at 2am this morning and just booked it.

"It's always me doing the planning of trips. He is happy to lie in bed day in day out and play Fifa. I like to do fun things and maybe I should of known better."

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