Mum shares clever folder trick to keep kids entertained on flights and trains

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A mum explained the genius way she keeps her toddlers amused during flights with just one easy Amazon buy.

She showed off a portable document file which let her entertain her young children while getting on trains and planes.

On TikTok, the woman – who posts @thetravelhack – showed her little one pawing through the pages of the folder.

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Every page is packed with books, toys and various activities like colouring.

Her child grins as she looks at all the fun things to do while on the move.

In the caption, the mum explained: "If you want to keep a toddler entertained during a flight, get yourself a ‘layered portable document box’."

She continued: "I bought this soft, pink one on Amazon and filled it with sticker books, colouring books, craft packs, little toys, pens, crayons, paper and books.

"Alba could get to everything without digging around in a backpack and nothing got lost or rolled away.

"It has three layers so you can flip between all the activities and keep it all organised.

"I think toddlers are the hardest age to fly with and I was panicking about extra delays during our recent flight with Alba (aged 2 and doesn’t sit still!)

"This layered folder was a winner and I’ll be using it for any situation where she might get bored in a small space!

"I also made one for Joseph (aged 5) using an old laptop case that has lots of sleeves and compartments and it also worked brilliantly."

In the comments, fellow parents raved about the tip.

One person wrote: “Genius!! Gonna make these for the kids! Thank you!!”

“Nice tip,” added another.

If you’re flying on a plane this isn’t the only tip to keep kids happy – and quiet – during transit.

Cabin crew over at Wizz Air shared one of their top tips for parents jetting off with kids.

The flight attendant said: “Pick your seats and enter the plane strategically.

“The front and back of the plane are always going to be high traffic areas as it’s where the bathrooms are located. Therefore, it’s likely that this is where the most distractions will be.

“It’s worth choosing your seats, accordingly, considering what is likely to entertain, and distress the child.”


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