Most ‘ignorant’ thing you can do on flights exposed by fed-up travel writer

While the coronavirus pandemic put a stop to our summer holidays, Brits are now looking to jet off.

Holiday bookings are reportedly up by 50% – but there are some things we're not excited about experiencing again.

The food, the cold, the dry nostrils you always disembark with… and that's not even mentioning fellow passengers.

Irritating flyers include drunks, snorers and those chanting on stag dos.

But that's not even the most irritating thing a fellow passenger can do, according to a travel writer.

Anna Gingras loathes people who put their seats back without sparing a thought for those sitting behind them.

Writing in Outside magazine, Anna Gingras said: “There's one thing I hate about flying, and it's not the overpriced tickets or the baby crying three rows ahead of me in economy class.

“It's the people who recline their seats with total disregard for the person behind them.”

The writer said that reclining is only OK if your flight is a long-haul taking over four hours.

She added: “But if you're reclining your seat on a two-hour, midday puddle jump, I hope you miss your connection and get stuck at LaGuardia Airport without even an $8 coffee to comfort you.

“The thing is, you know you suck when you hit that recline button, but just in case you truly are ignorant, hear this: your actions have direct consequences for the people around you – any space you take is taken from someone else.”

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Twitter users shared Anna’s article and it quickly went viral, reports the Mirror.

One person replied: “As a frequent traveller I've never understood this perspective.

“Shouldn't you be angry at the airline for selling a cramped seat?

“Or yourself for not paying for more space?

“If I pay for a seat that reclines I’m going to recline.”

Another agreed, and wrote: “As a 5'1" woman, the back of my head hits the top of the seat where most people's necks hit, forcing my head forward for the duration of the flight, causing neck pain at times for days if the flight is long.

“Reclining my seat slightly alleviates the problem somewhat.”

But more travellers agreed with the writer.

One added: “Strong agreement!

“In the end you're left with two options: everybody reclines or nobody reclines.

“The latter is obviously preferable.”

Still more shared snaps to demonstrate how trapped their legs become when others recline.

Not good!

Oh, if only we could all afford to fly business class…

Until then, we guess we’ll warn our seat neighbours if we need to recline.

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