Most Brits ‘give up’ on idea of holiday abroad this year, study says

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many have put holiday plans on halt.

Instead of jetting off to far-flung destinations, these Brits have decided to book staycations instead.

A study of 2,000 adults found only 12% have managed to escape the UK and get abroad during 2021.

Four in 10 have been able to enjoy a ‘staycation’, while another 40% haven’t gone away at all.

Just under two thirds (64%) feel isolation and quarantine rules change so often it’s not worth the risk – and 24% feel the booking process is now too confusing.

The research was commissioned by Malibu Rum, which has launched its own holiday resort in London over the bank holiday weekend at Brick Lane’s Old Truman Brewery.

The ‘Malibu Staycation Vacation’ is billed as the ultimate poolside weekend retreat and was created with the help of Ibiza Weekender veteran David Potts, it will feature a heated pool, pina coladas, a tanning station and a temporary tattoo parlour.

He said: “Being able to travel and go on holiday is so important to having fun, escaping your boring day job, and having a laugh with your mates.

“I feel right bad for everyone who’s had to miss out on the last two summers of holiday vibes – but this year I’m not letting it happen again.”

The results found more than half of Brits (52%) simply miss relaxing when they’re holidaying abroad, while a quarter long for a sun-kissed tan.

Another 24% enjoy not having to clean up after themselves, while a fifth love nothing more than meeting new people.

Things Brits miss about being abroad

1. Relaxing

2. Trying different food & drinks

3. Experiencing different cultures

4. Having more reliable weather than the UK

5. Having a different routine from my usual day to day

6. Experiencing different weather to the UK

7. Not having to cook

8. Visiting beaches

9. Spending the majority of time outdoors

10. Wearing holiday clothes e.g. swimwear, sandals etc

11. Not worrying about what the time is

12. Being with family and friends

13. Watching sunrises and sunsets

14. Not having to clean

15. Spending time in a swimming pool

16. Getting a suntan

17. Swimming in the sea

18. Meeting new people

19. Having cocktails poolside or on the beach

20. Not having to worry about my job

Just under one in five adults (19%) have researched into holidays this year – home or abroad – more than usual, due to Covid confusion.

And the same amount have longingly gazed at holiday websites and travel brochures even if they knew there was no hope of getting away.

As a result, one in three (32%) feel they ‘need’ a holiday abroad, according to the survey carried out by OnePoll.

David Potts added: “Since we’re all in some dire need of major vacay catchup, I’m so buzzing to be teaming up with Malibu to host the Malibu Vacation Staycation – the party resort with NO red or amber lists, NO quarantines and ONLY good vibes, funshine, and stunning cocktails allowed.”

Tickets to the Malibu Staycation Vacation are available here.

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