Man’s ‘sneaky’ airport trick to get higher luggage allowance without paying

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    Most travellers are keen to stick to the rules when flying as failing to do so can result in disastrous consequences.

    One such rule breaker was recently escorted off the plane for lighting up a cigarette, which was against the law.

    But, others simply hope to get away with a bit more luggage than the weight allowance allows for.

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    Which would only result in being charged a few extra quid.

    However, a traveller was recently spotted attempting a cheeky trick to make his bag appear lighter.

    We don’t advise the sneaky habit, but people on Reddit found the man’s gumption hilarious.

    A photo circulated on the website of an anonymous bloke wedging his foot, which was in a chunky white trainer, underneath the edge of his suitcase as it sat on the scale.

    By doing so it’s likely that he took several kilograms of weight from the suitcase making his bag weigh under the allowance.

    The poster simply captioned the snap “hmmm”, but over 10,000 people liked the image – and over 120 commented.

    One person chuckled: “Until the weight keeps changing on the screen because this shit is hard to pull off.”

    While another replied: “I was thinking the same thing, those scales are quite sensitive.”

    Another criticised: “Usually the attendant will push that luggage closer to the centre.”

    But, others approved of the sneaky tactic.

    One noted: “I’ve done this before and it worked. One time I got caught and the guy told me to ‘please leave your foot off the scale, sir’.”

    Another added: “Smart man.”

    While a third said: “That is f***ing brilliant!”

    Would you risk trying this trick? Tell us in the comments…


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