Man’s important hotel safety tip for checking in alone branded ‘so helpful’

A solo traveler has made a video about an important safety tip for when you check into a hotel alone.

In the clip, which has been watched more than 5 million times since it was uploaded by TikTok user @dutchintheusa yesterday, the safety expert shows how to speak to the receptionist.

He recommends showing your reservation and ID instead of saying your personal details out loud.

Then you ought to ask for them to give your room number on paper rather than verbally.

Don't be embarrassed, just say: "Here is my reservation and ID, please write down the room number without saying it out loud."

Going a step further, he suggests you ask the receptionist to have a staff member accompany you to your room to do a "sweep".

Then you can simply lock your door when they leave, giving you complete peace of mind.

His nifty security tip has been "liked" more than 1 million times and attracted thousands of comments.

Praising the video in the comments section, a hotel receptionist said: "I work front desk at a hotel and I promise if you ask this of us we will not get upset!

"It's our job to make you feel comfortable and safe."

A woman commented: "So helpful I'm a single mom with two little kids. Thank you very much."

Other people who work for big hotel brands said that any "respected" hotel would never give out your information – such as room number – even to somebody who said they were a family member.

"We are not allowed to give out information to anyone that is not on the reservation," commented one.

Another person wrote: "I work at the front desk of a hotel and we were taught to point to the room number and never say it out loud cause we never know who is listening."

But a surprised-sounding person asked: "Is it really that dangerous staying in a hotel?"

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