Man’s embarrassing blunder as attempt to watch TV on plane goes ‘very wrong’

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A man was left horrified when he saw a fellow flight passenger watching a raunchy-looking show on the phone.

Macaulay Forward captured the moment when he noticed a man sitting in front of him was entertaining himself with a show saved on his phone.

In the clip he shared on TikTok which garnered more than 117,000 views, he zooms in to the man's phone screen to find out a woman, dressing in a camisole, looking quite happy with herself.

The description reads: "Not sure what the bloke in front is watching on the plane."

Despite the clip does not show any subtitles or audio sound, Macaulay assumes that the passenger was enjoying it.

He wrote in the post: "When your sat on your flight and the guy in front is having more fun than you."

Eagle-eyed viewers quickly recognised the actress and pointed out that it's a scene from popular Channel 4 sitcom Peep Show, which starred comedians David Mitchell and in this scene, Rachel Blanchard.

One said: "Peep Show on the plane, the ultimate taboo."

Another added: "Peep Show, on a plane? That's insane."

A third penned: "When you try to relax on a plane and it goes very, very wrong."

The series, which ran from 2003 to 2015, features friends Mark and Jeremy who shared a flat in London and hung out with a range of dysfunctional characters, including drug-loving Super Hans.

It is definitely not a child-friendly show and not a smart choice to watch in an enclosed environment where people sitting around can easily get confused.

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