Man banned from airline over racial abuse

A man in a paper Burger King crown hurled racist slurs at a fellow passenger on a New York-bound JetBlue flight, after accusing her of taking his seat and kneeing him in the stomach, videos show.

The flight was on the ground in Kingston, Jamaica, preparing to leave for New York’s JFK Airport.

The man — who has long blond locks and appears to be white — is seen raging at flight attendants with his mask below his chin, furiously repeating the assault allegation.

In one clip, a woman filming tells him she kneed him “because you deserve it” — eliciting a passionate but ill-conceived defence from her alleged victim.

“Excuse me, I’m part-West African,” he screams.

“I can say (n-word) anytime I want!”

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The man wore a fake crown before hurling racist abuse.Source:Supplied

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The irate man continues to scream profanities as the plane of mostly black passengers goes into a frenzy.

“Kick that (n-word b**** off the plane!” he yells, with a smirk.

“She kneed me in the stomach!”

“I don’t care what she did. You’re being disrespectful. Shut the f*** up for just two seconds,” a fed-up flight attendant replies.

The in-flight fiasco then escalates as the man stands up and dumps water on the flight attendant while yelling, “I want a f***ing lawsuit right now, motherf****r!”

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Another man hurls a good old fashioned fist rather than racist abuse.Source:Supplied

Video of the aftermath of the man’s eruption shows multiple people running up the aisle to pounce on him, before being held back by flight crew and fellow flyers.

The man continues to yell profanities — including the n-word — as he and the other passengers return to their seats.

Kingston police later removed the man from the flight in handcuffs, TMZ reported.

JetBlue confirmed the incident, which occurred on Tuesday on a plane bound for New York’s JFK Airport, the carrier said. The man has been banned from riding with the airline.

“We have zero tolerance for racism or harassment, and after reviewing this customer’s abhorrent racist behaviour, we have determined he is no longer welcome to fly JetBlue,” said spokesman Derek Dombrowski.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and was reproduced with permission.

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