Luxurious life of cabin crew – from sunbathing to exploring exotic countries

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The life of a flight attendant often seems luxurious – and sometimes it is.

One cabin crew member has shared a variety of videos online, revealing the innerworkings of her job and the perks that come with it.

Posting to TikTok under the username anjas.adventures, a woman named Anja has shared some of the secrets of the industry.

"This is what cabin crew get up to on a standard layover when we can't leave the hotel," she shared.

"Had a Covid test before the flight, got the flight done, went for drinks with all of my colleagues, then went to sleep, woke up, had breakfast, went to the gym and sunbathed and before I knew it, it was time to go home."

In the clip, Anja showed off her luxurious accommodation as well as the gorgeous pool where she got to spend her free time.

The insider information doesn't end there, as Anja also shared what it's like being cabin crew on a flight with no passengers.

In a video she revealed that sometimes flight attendants have to work on a cargo flight where it is their job to check the aircraft.

While off duty, she said she watches films, eats and sleeps, as there are no passengers to take care of.

Anja also uses this time to try a variety of different seats and stretch before landing.

Anja went on to explain in another clip that another perk of the job is that sometimes cabin crew are flown out as passengers, rather than having to work on board the aircraft.

"This shift they flew us out as passengers from London to San Fransisco in Club which was lush and then from San Francisco they flew us out to Vancouver with Air Canada. I was also a passenger," she said.

"Then I finally got to Vancouver and I spent the day and night in Vancouver, went exploring and then I actually had to work the flight from Vancouver to London.

Anja's job isn't always so luxurious though, as she explained how difficult it is for crew members to sleep on longhaul flights.

"Ever wondered how cabin crew last 14 hour flights? Well, we don't.

"This is our bunk, where we sleep for maybe a couple of hours per flight."

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