Love Island’s Lucinda talks worst passengers she dealt with as flight attendant

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Love Island star Lucinda Strafford may be known for her stint on the hit reality show in 2021.

But before jetting off to join the glam villa’s residents, the 22-year-old had a career as a British Airways flight attendant.

Now she's opened up about the role, sharing a glimpse inside the life of cabin crew.

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Lucinda worked as an air hostess for a year, and was inspired to do so by her mum who was also a flight attendant.

But, she left the industry because she claims it “wasn’t as glamorous as expected”, adding that she thought the uniform rules were "strict".

However, part of her decision also came because of the way some passengers treated the staff on-board.

According to the brunette bombshell, who is now an influencer and boutique owner, not all members of the public are kind to the crew…

Lucinda said: “I did have passengers that made me cry, for example, I was working in the premium economy cabin once on a long haul flight and it got to the end of the row and they didn’t get their first choice meal and they completely kicked off, called me names and made me feel really uncomfortable.

“I went back to the galley and just cried and felt really uncomfortable to work, which wasn’t nice at all!

“I do feel like on short-haul flights you do get more angry passengers, this might be because lots of them don’t have big suitcases in the hold underneath, so they all have to fit their small suitcases above.

“Obviously this is a small aircraft, so we don’t have as much food in short-haul, so this is also a big reason why people complain.”

Luckily, there were other members of the public who made her job worth it.

“I really liked chatty passengers because I’m a very chatty person so it was just easy to get along with them,” said the Love Island star.

“It also past time learning about people and I feel like I’m quite a friendly person anyway so talking to people and learning about why they’re travelling to a certain place was really interesting.”

And, there are some cheeky secrets that only crew members usually see…

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Now that Lucinda has handed in her wings she’s revealed there are “hidden doorways” around the planes we regularly fly on.

The influencer said: “So there’s the crew rest which is upstairs, usually at the back of the aircraft by the back galley, or sometimes the entrance is more middle.

“The flight crew usually have their own section which is upstairs by their cockpit. We weren’t allowed to go in their one.”

Nowadays the British beauty, who lives in Brighton, is a successful boutique owner and YouTube creator and has more than 824,000 followers on Instagram page @lucindastrafford.

The Daily Star contacted BA for comment.


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