Lost snowmobiler rescued on Vail Pass

A snowmobiler who got lost on Vail Pass Sunday afternoon was rescued in an interagency effort, according to a release from the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

“On May 14 at approximately 2:25 pm the Vail Communications Center received a call from the friend of a snowmobiler who was ‘lost in a bad way’ on Vail Pass,” the release states. “The snowmobiler only had 3% of their cell phone battery left when they were able to utilize the ‘share my location’ function with their friend. The friend passed that location along to Vail Mountain Rescue in addition to information that the snowmobile being used, and the trailer to haul it was rented in Denver.”

Using the location they were provided, the rescue group searched for the snowmobiler in the Resolution Mountain area as additional resources were requested through Summit County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado Search and Rescue, Colorado’s State Search and Rescue Coordinator Resource as well as Summit County Rescue Group, including a Flight for Life helicopter. Two other snowmobilers in the area were also given the location and sent into the field from Vail Pass to search for the lost person at his last known point.

“Using refined tactics for locating a lost person, rescuers were able to find the snowmobiler’s boot tracks just about the same time the Flight for Life helicopter, LifeGuard 2, spotted him. The helicopter landed and was able to successfully bring the lost snowmobiler back to the parking lot safe and sound, the release states. “During the interview with the rescued snowmobiler, he revealed that he had not packed enough food or water and was not prepared to self-rescue or navigate the unfamiliar terrain.”

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