London's revered Sloane Club now has a hotel – the Mail checks in

London’s revered Sloane Club now has a 27-room hotel open to non-members – The Inspector (mostly) approves

  • The Sloane Club near London’s Sloane Square turns 100 next year
  • It now has a hotel that’s open to non-members – ‘with a contemporary twist’  
  • The Inspector checks in to one of the hotel’s double rooms – paying £190 

The Sloane Club is a venerable institution (its 100th anniversary is in 2022) near London’s Sloane Square, which still believes in pelmets and sensible shoes.

Not remotely cutting edge, in other words, but much loved by its members, many of whom come in from the shires for a night at the theatre then a visit to the dentist in the morning.

With little fanfare, the club was bought in 2017 by hospitality company Queensway, which launched Sloane Place next door, a 27-bedroom hotel open to non-members, with a contemporary twist.

Sloane Place is a 27-room hotel open to the public that’s part of the venerable Sloane Club

The hotel has a basement bar (pictured) and ground-floor restaurant ‘with banquettes, wood panelling, exposed pipework and the sort of muzak which would prompt a mutiny in the mother ship next door’

Presumably the idea is to appeal to a younger audience, hence the basement bar and ground-floor restaurant with banquettes, wood panelling, exposed pipework and the sort of muzak which would prompt a mutiny in the mother ship next door.

In fact, what’s happened is that these 27 rooms have been hived off from the Sloane Club but still share some public spaces, including the roof terrace, where members and non-members can order drinks and food from a menu similar to the one in Sloane Place’s restaurant.

There is also an impressive central staircase which is shared — it’s worth using this rather than taking the lift.

Sloane Place offers double rooms from £170. The Inspector says the room prices are what you’d expect to pay in the area 

The Inspector enjoys the restaurant’s atmosphere ‘once the lights are dimmed’ and says the food is ‘terrific’


Sloane Place, 62 Lower Sloane St, London, SW1W 8BP.

Tel: 020 3928 0700, Doubles from £170.




I’m in a Chelsea Double, paying £190 without breakfast. It feels frighteningly safe and scarily expensive but, then, can you find anything cheaper around here?

There’s nothing much contemporary about it, apart from a modern mirror and some art above the bed. The bathroom is so small it’s almost impossible to shower without hitting the controls.

We enjoy the restaurant’s atmosphere once the lights are dimmed. Terrific Caesar salad and perfectly cooked lamb cutlets at prices in keeping with the area.

It’s lively at breakfast. I suspect some Sloane Club members might have drifted over for their fry-up.

There’s confusion at checkout. I stand by the entrance looking lost until finally a member of staff asks me to wander through to the main Sloane Club reception. This gives me a chance to spot the difference between the two — not a lot.

The new owners of the Sloane Club clearly have thought long and hard about shoring up its future finances. Establishing a new revenue stream seems like a smart idea.  

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