Kate Middleton: The four travel beauty items the Duchess always carries during royal tours

Kate is always seen carrying a small handbag when she is meeting members of the public. Her hair, make-up and clothes are also always completely immaculate. Despite being a member of the Royal Family, it’s no easy task looking perfect on royal tours in various weather conditions.

So it comes as no surprise that Kate always carries four beauty essentials when she’s travelling.

According to Marcia Moody’s 2013 book, Kate: A Biography, the Duchess carries four beauty items with her.

Ms Moody writes: “In her small clutch she carries a compact mirror, blotting paper, a handkerchief and lip balm.”

The items seem relatively normal for a woman who constantly has her photo taken.

Blotting paper is used by women to help get rid of shininess that can be caused by excess moisture on the skin.

Reportedly, if Kate has a bigger bag with her, she is said to carry another item with her.

Apparently, the Duchess likes to carry her own personal camera to take photos.

But this is usually when she has a tote bag or something larger.

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Ms Moody mentions Kate and her husband Prince William’s royal tour in Canada back in 2011.

She says of the tour: “Since she has always been a keen photographer, she took her own Canon camera to snap some personal images.”

But no matter where the Duchess is travelling to – in the UK or abroad – she always looks impeccable.

While travelling, the Duchess is sometimes seen sporting a black pair of sunglasses.

They usually look like classic Ray-Bans but they could be any all-black pair of timeless shades.

Another look she often sports when she is travelling is her skinny jeans.

Kate is often seen wearing classic silhouettes which are often included in her casual wear.

A pair of navy or black jeans are often her go-to when she’s out and about.

One of her other key items is a nude heel.

The classic heel is often worn to elongate her legs or paired with dresses.

When she’s not in heels, Kate is often seen wearing wedges.

Back in Canada in 2011 at the airport, Kate opted for skinny jeans and wedge-heels.

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