Kate Middleton: Etiquette rules Duchess must follow when travelling on royal tours abroad

Kate Middleton wears tartan outfit for Scotland visit in 2019

Kate Middleton has a very important role as wife to the future King. The Royal Family has many rules that Kate has had to learn since marrying into the clan. Good etiquette is vital and an expert on the subject has explained to Express.co.uk what Kate must make sure she does when travelling on an overseas state visit.

Preparation for a royal visit abroad starts in advance of the trip.

The Duchess of Cambridge must learn key information she will need, from personal details of those she’ll meet to what she’ll have to wear.

“Before a member of the Royal Family leaves for a state visit, members of their staff will inform them of their schedule and the names and roles of the people they will be meeting with,” Anne Chertoff, Chief Operating Officer at Beaumont Etiquette said.

“They will also be told what the proper greetings are in the country they are going to be in, as well as if there are any attire guidelines they need to follow. 

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“For example, when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in Pakistan, The Duchess had several kurtas designed for her to wear.”

Kate also wore Queen’s Canadian Diamond Maple Leaf Broach when visiting Canada.

Royals will also be briefed on the etiquette required in the specific country they are travelling to.

“When visiting abroad, Royal Family members are educated by their staff on the relevant etiquette of the country they will be visiting,” explained Chertoff.

“Etiquette is all about being respectful and considerate to others, and members of the Royal Family want to make sure that their visits are both.

“They will be informed of the names and roles of all the people they will be meeting with, the background on the organizations they will be meeting with, as well as lessons in greeting customs and dining, especially if there are uncommon items that may be served or dining etiquette protocols they are not accustomed to in the United Kingdom.”

Chertoff added: “Another protocol revolves around gifting. Members of the Royal Family must graciously accept gifts they receive, and they are all recorded by the Palace.”

Kate also needs to make sure she is suitably dressed for her arrival in the country she is visiting.

“The Duchess of Cambridge is considered a ‘working royal’ and in this role, she represents Her Majesty The Queen at various events in the United Kingdom and abroad,” said Chertoff.

“When she is travelling on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II she is following traditional business protocol, especially when she is being filmed or photographed by the press, which is often the case upon her arrival.

“This is why you will see her dressed in more formal attire which is appropriate when meeting various dignitaries and the public.”

The mother-of-three will need a wide range of outfits to make sure there is something fitting no matter what the occasion.

Chertoff said: “While a member of the Royal Family is at an official event, they will dress in a manner that reflects the style and formality of the event. 

“For example, at a state dinner, men will wear white or black tie and women will wear floor-length gowns, and the married women may choose to wear a tiara.

“At a daytime event, unless it’s a sporting one, men will wear slacks and a jacket and women will wear a day dress or a suit.”

Kate will still be able to relax at times during foreign visits. “Some state visits include recreational time on their schedules,” detailed Chertoff.

“We have seen members of the Royal Family participating at sporting events – as spectators as well as participants. Itineraries are often jampacked with events from morning to night, however, some downtime may be added to the schedule if they wish to include it.”

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