Jet2 & Ryanair customers could save money by avoiding common hand luggage item

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Hand luggage policies are common with airlines, particularly those offering budget flights. Airlines, including Jet2 and Ryanair, both impose both baggage weight and size requirements.

Customers who are found to have hand luggage measuring more than the set-out amount may have to pay excess baggage charges.

Jet2 customers are advised to bring hand luggage which measures a maximum of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, including any wheels and handles and weighs no more than 10kg.

If their cabin bags are in excess of this, they may have to pay up to £45 to check-in their luggage at the airport.

Meanwhile, Ryanair allows passengers to carry a small personal bag onboard, measuring no more than 40x20x25cm, with a weight of no more than 10kg.

Ryanair customers in excess of this will have to fork out as much as £50 to check-in their oversized luggage at the airport, or £20 for “priority” status at the airport.

Luckily, savvy travellers have revealed a top tip for keeping weigh down when packing hand luggage.

However, it does mean avoiding packing one very common hand luggage item.

A travel enthusiast shared the tip on a Reddit forum.

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“Bring no books,” wrote the traveller.

“But bring a tablet or a Kindle.

“If you really want to go light, bring only your smartphone with the Kindle app.”

This is a great way to reduce the weight of hand luggage, however, it likely isn’t an option for everyone.

A second holidaymaker offered an alternative, writing: “Just get a newspaper at the airport or wherever.”

For travellers who do not wish to leave behind their beloved book; there are some other items which are renowned for adding extra weight.

“You probably don’t need to pack bulky things like a hairdryer. Hotels usually supply them nowadays” pointed out a second holidaymaker.

They also advise reducing the number of toiletries you pack.

“You can probably find [them] at a pharmacy and buy small ones at your destination,” they suggest.

Other travellers advise going easy on the clothes.

“Leave all the denim at home, unless you wear it on the plane.

“It’s heavy and takes up a lot of space,” continued the holidaymaker.

“There’s a saying: ‘Set out what you plan to pack, then remove half of it.’ This is generally true!”

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