Jane McDonald shares packing tip to ‘get more in’

Jane McDonald reveals the way she packs her pants

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Although the former cruise ship singer usually takes to the water for her holidays, this time Jane was firmly on dry land. She headed off on a once in a lifetime trip to explore the Caribbean.

Viewers joined Jane as she settled down in her kitchen to book an exciting trip to Barbados online.

She said: “You can just have your jim jams on, have a cup of tea in your kitchen and book your holidays.

“Winter is lovely in the UK for about…an afternoon and then I just want a bit of sunshine so I’m going for some Vitamin D!”

Jane likes to book holidays with travel agents as they “deal with it all for you”. She added: “I’m not one for adding more stress to my day so I’m happy not to have to deal with the travel arrangements.”

The travel expert then shared a few of her top packing tips with viewers as she prepared for her holiday in Barbados.

She said: “I tend to roll everything. It’s about getting a lot in for me. I like to get as much in as I possibly can.

“Nice and colourful bright clothes. Where else are you going to wear them? Once you get a tan, there’s no stopping you.”

Later on, Jane shared another top packing tip as she prepared a smaller bag for a day excursion.

She advised: “I’m getting my bag ready because I like everything that I need with me. Swimming costume and of course spare pants.

“I can’t believe I’m showing you my pants again. I fold my pants, you think I’m mad, don’t you?

“I stack them because you get an awful lot more in when you stand them up. You never know when you’re going to need a spare pair of pants. I’m ready for off!”

Jane held up her pants to the camera to show how small she had managed to fold them to maximise space.

For Jane, there’s no better way to get to know a holiday destination than to ask local residents.

As she enjoyed her breakfast on the hotel terrace, she asked her waiter if there was anything she should see.

He recommended Jane visit the Animal Flower Cave, an accessible cave with steps and a coral floor.

She said: “Don’t be afraid to ask a local all about where to go. Especially someone who lives here, they’re very, very proud of where they live and they’ll tell you the best places to go. So ask, that’s what I’ve done!”

As it’s a small island, holidaymakers are never more than an hour’s drive from anything in Barbados.

Jane stayed at the Fairmont Royal Pavilion as she loved that the hotel was situated right on the beach.

However, she added: “All beaches in Barbados are public so if you go for a smaller budget, you can still come and use any beach in Barbados.”

The intrepid explorer also headed off on a thrilling catamaran and snorkelling tour to see Barbados’ beautiful marine life.

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