Italy holidays: Italy opens to Britons tomorrow but UK tourists can’t visit yet

Italy is a perfect holiday destination that offers glorious beaches, stunning views, delicious cuisine and a rich culture. But just as the country plans to reopen to British tourists, the UK prepares to begin its own quarantine rules which will begin next Monday. Despite many countries opening their doors to Britons and the rest of the world, the UK’s borders remain tight with Britons unable to travel abroad unless it is for essential purposes.


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On June 8, the UK will introduce its new quarantine travel measures that will see anyone arriving in the UK be subject to 14 days of isolation.

The new rules will exempt people arriving from the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

There are also some jobs listed by the government that are exempt from the quarantine rules.

Anyone caught not breaking the rules could face a fine of £1,000, according to Home Secretary Priti Patel.

The rules also include anyone returning to the UK from holiday.

This means that if travellers want to go on holiday to Italy from June 8, they will be subject to travel restrictions on their return.

For example, anyone going on holiday from June 8 for a week could face having to take three weeks off work.

However, for now, British citizens are not allowed to leave the UK at all.

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The Italian Tourist Board announced that from June 3, 2020, British visitors will be able to travel to Italy with no quarantine restrictions.

Flavio Zappacosta, manager for UK and Ireland at the Italian Tourist Board, said the tourism industry is key to Italy’s economy.

“The tourism industry is one of Italy’s key economy drivers so it is with utmost importance that we open for business as soon as it is safe to do so.

“We know how popular Italy is for Brits and hope we can inspire them to start to plan and book an Italian holiday this year.”

From June 15, theatres, concert halls, cinemas and other outdoor spaces will open their doors ready for an onslaught of tourists.

Italy began opening its museums, attractions, parks and gardens, as well as bars and pubs, restaurants and ice cream shops from May 18.

The attractions do have to follow guidelines and protocols to remain open.

People are also expected to follow social distancing rules.

It is also obligatory to wear a mask in enclosed spaces which includes public transport or anywhere where people may not be able to exercise social distancing.

Beach resorts have also opened which is great news for Britons planning future breaks.

Gyms, swimming pools and sports centres also opened from May 25.

Italy has had 233,000 cases of coronavirus and more than 33,000 deaths.

While it was the epicentre of Europe for a time, the country has managed to successfully manage and recover from the pandemic.

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