Inside Emirates Business Class: Should you upgrade your honeymoon flight?

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Emirates is one of the most popular and well-known airlines around the world, delivering passengers to more than 150 cities. While you’ll likely have a decent experience in Emirates’s Economy Class, it’s definitely worth treating yourself and upgrading to Business Class whenever you can.

Only a lucky few people will ever get the chance to try out Business Class, but one of the best times to bite the bullet and go for it is after your wedding day.

Honeymooners will get a royal welcome aboard Emirates’ airlines, and it’s the perfect time to experience the luxuriousness of a flight upgrade.

Even if you’re just heading out on a romantic getaway with your other half, Business Class allows you to fully immerse yourself in the whole experience of grandeur, without simply viewing your flight as a means of getting from A to B.

There are five key differences to economy class – all of which are ideal for couples.

Three-course meal

Few things are more romantic than a quiet, candlelit dinner for two.

While your Business Class experience won’t quite be the same, the two of you can still enjoy a delicious three-course meal during your Emirates flight – something that’s not on offer for Economy passengers.

The food itself isn’t just any normal plane food, either. Your meal will be full of gourmet dishes, including some stunningly presented food that wouldn’t look out of place in a Michelin-star restaurant.

Throughout your flight, you’ll also be offered a range of snacks to tide you over, including the essential warm nuts – again, not available in Economy.

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Long haul flights can leave you with a massive headache and feeling sleepy – especially after a night flight.

In economy, you’ll have to make do with tilting your chair back slightly, while also feeling guilty for the poor soul behind you.

But, if you upgrade to Business, you could enjoy an entirely flat bed – complete with a soft mattress.

For the ultimate honeymoon experience, aim to get the two seats next to each other in the middle of the deck for a makeshift double bed!


In Economy, you might be looking forward to the regular handing out of drinks to your seat.

But, upstairs in Business, you can take your thirst into your own hands.

You can simply head to the onboard bar lounge; a brand new feature for Emirates’ A380.

Bottomless cocktails and champagne are just a few steps away, and you can enjoy your drinks while chilling out on one of the bar’s comfy sofas.

What better place to plan out an action-packed itinerary for your honeymoon?


Emirates uses the award-winning inflight entertainment system ‘ice’, which features an endless list of films and TV shows available to watch on demand.

While the entertainment is also available in Economy, there are some noticeable differences in Business.

You, and your partner, can watch your films on an even bigger screen, while also using noise-cancelling headphones.

There’s also a major difference compared with Economy – you’ll even get your own tablet and handheld remote to flick through your entertainment.


Airports can be a massive drag… and not only because you have to drag your bags around the terminal.

But if you upgrade to Business, you’ll never have to worry about struggling to find a seat again.

Emirates has a series of Business Class Lounges across multiple airports, all complete with complimentary meals and drinks, so you’ll have nothing to worry about ahead of your big flight.

Even if you’re not hungry or thirsty, you and your partner can simply relax on one of the sofas and look forward to your amazing adventures ahead!

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