Influnecer and soccer streaker travel shamed over face mask

An Instagram model, who shot to fame on the social platform after she sprinted on to a football pitch during the Champions League final wearing a skimpy black swimsuit, has sparked outrage over her recent trip to East Africa.

Kinsey Wolanski, a popular social media influencer with more than three million followers on Instagram alone, recently travelled to Rwanda where she mingled with locals and also took part in a “dream” gorilla hike.

While Wolanski initially received criticism for travelling internationally during a pandemic, it was a photo the social media model posted without wearing a mask that sparked the most outrage.

In the image, which she has now deleted from her social media account but continues to circulate on other platforms including Reddit, Wolanski posed alongside two local children – one who wore a mask – while she went without. Another image, which has also been removed from the Instagram feed, shows the 24-year-old giving a young boy a piggyback, again without a face covering.

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