‘I tried Bristol’s largest pizza and now I know why it’s rated five-star’

Known for its delicious, traditional Italian recipes, L’Osteria is also famous for having the biggest pizzas in Bristol.

While in most restaurants a large pizza would be 13", in this Italian eatery it's 18".

Yet this restaurant doesn't use it's pizza size as a gimmick to distract from its lack of flavour, it's a joint that is adored by locals.

Nia Dalton from our sister site 2Chill visited the restaurant and absolutely loved the food. Here is her experience.

I watched the chefs knead the dough in the open kitchen as I chatted with my friend over a drink.

The smell of authentic Italian cuisine lingered in the air, and the restaurant was lit by dim hanging lights and candles.

It was 8:30pm on a Saturday evening in Quakers Friars, Bristol, and L’Osteria was filled with the buzz of families, groups and couples enjoying dinner and drinks.

Whilst we waited for our food to arrive, a waitress placed two huge brown paper mats on the table.

The restaurant had been recommended to me by a 2Chill user that rated their 18” pizzas five stars.

User Tilly Alexander dubbed L’Osteria her “favourite Italian” with the “biggest pizzas in Bristol”.

When our pizzas arrived, I knew exactly why she’d called them a “showstopper”.

In comparison to my hand, the pizza looked humongous.

A normal large pizza is 13" – this was 18"!

Tilly was right – “they don’t even fit on the plate”. The pizza crust was hanging over the edge.

‘How am I going to tackle this?’ I thought, feeling very hungry but slightly overwhelmed.

A slice was too big to hold politely with my hands, so I decided to tactically eat the middle first (the tastiest bit) with a knife and fork.

I could sacrifice the crusts if I had to!

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The pizza was thin, crispy and delicious. It was stone baked to perfection and at £10, I couldn’t believe the value.

As the pizza began to disappear, the white plate beneath revealed itself.

By the end of the meal, I had successfully demolished the majority of my pizza, and I felt quite impressed with myself.

As we were leaving the restaurant, I noticed customers carrying their leftovers in brown paper bags. I didn’t blame them – the pizzas were giant!

Like Tilly, I would “definitely recommend” L’Osteria to locals.

The L’Osteria website reads: “Our XXL pizzas made to a traditional Italian recipe are waiting for you!

“Our best, best pizza is always prepared with love, baked in a stone oven, served delightfully crispy-thing and big enough that the edge sticks out over the side of the plate.

“And the best part: on request, you can order it with different toppings on each half – perfect for sharing.

“We prepare the dough according to a secret, traditional Italian recipe, leaving it to rise overnight. The next morning, our pizzaiolos – that’s Italian for ‘pizza makers’ – split it up into exactly equal portions for every single pizza.

“By the way, a little hint of milk and egg in the doughs helps us to make sure that when it’s baked, the pizza stays crispy on the outside and doesn’t get dry on the inside.

“In other words: it simply tastes perfetto.”

L’Osteria opened its first premises in Bristol five years ago, and their website describes them as “an open, welcoming place, where everyone can be themselves and feel at home.”

The restaurant is located in Quakers Friars, Cabot Circus, Bristol, BS1 3BU.

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