Hotel secrets: Never use this unlikely germ-ridden item in your hotel room for vile reason

Hotel holidays see guests well and truly looked-after during their stay. One benefit of such trips is how clean your room is thanks to daily visits by hotel cleaners. However, if you think that all items in the room are cleaned equally you’ll have to think again.

There’s one item in the room that could well be one of the most disgusting things in there – and it’s likely you won’t realise.

Holidaymakers should take extra care when it comes to ice buckets in hotels.

This is because these buckets are generally not cleaned very regularly.

This poses a particular problem when guests use them for their bodily fluids.

The buckets have been known to be used when people cannot make it to the toilet in time.

Sometimes guests use them to vomit in, too.

A previous investigation by public health inspectors in the cities of St Paul and Minneapolis in the USA found ice buckets can be riddled with bacteria.

According to Fox 9, there is no code requirement for ice buckets to be sanitised from one customer to the next.

Fortunately, they can still be used hygienically for ice.

It’s recommended to put a plastic bag into an ice bucket if one is provided.

This will prevent the ice coming into contact with the bucket itself.

Users of US content-sharing site Reddit have shared their own grim tales of hotel ice buckets.

“I would highly highly recommend always using that bag in the ice bucket as intended,” one Redditor posted.

“I worked as a housekeeper and you’d be surprised how often people puke in the ice bucket.

“The first time it happened I asked my supervisor what I should do with it, thinking that they must run it through a dishwasher or something at least.

“She told me just to rinse it and wipe it out with cleaner.”

Another commented: “You really shouldn’t put the ice directly in there. Especially in places that are notorious for partying.

“From what I hear, people tend to throw up in those if they can’t get to the bathroom quick enough and I’m assuming the cleanup isn’t the best job.”

Some folk had experience of emptying of bodily fluids into the buckets first hand.

“While staying in a hotel my ex peed in one when I was in the bathroom,” one person wrote.

“That was the last time I ever used an ice bucket.”

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