‘Hot’ airline pilot has women swooning as he shares what he loves about his job

An airline pilot has left women drooling over his good looks after he shared a video describing what he loves about his job.

Garrett, who posts under the username @flywithgarrett, left his followers begging to be on his next flight after he detailed five things he loves the most about his job.

The American TikToker says he love being able to see new cities in a video which has gained more than 25,000 likes.

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In the video, he said: "Here are the five things I absolutely love about being an airline pilot.

"One is no day is ever the same, whether that's weather, aircraft, maintenance, unruly passengers, you name it. The days are never the same.

"Two, kind of corny, but the love for aviation. Aviation still puts a smile on my face each and every single day and I can't imagine doing anything else.

"Three: this is a good one. Flight benefits, let me tell you. Flying anywhere you want basically at any time for basically free. Sounds pretty dang good to me.

"Four: the time off that you get with big an airline pilot and also the pay. It's pretty good.

"Five: Getting to explore new cities while at work. That sounds pretty cool to me."

However, he added in the caption: "Definitely cons out there too, but these are some of my favourite pros."

But his followers appeared to be distracted by his face as they took to the comments praising him for being so "hot".

One user asked: "Why you are so hot man?" Another added: "Why have I never gotten a pilot that’s this hot?"

A third commented: "Are you single?"

"Hello handsome," a fourth wrote.

The news comes after the "world's most experienced pilot" revealed the real reason why we use the brace position on planes in an emergency.

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Nick Eades also revealed the truth about the flying practices and customs that you may have always wondered about.

Eades, who is the world's most experienced Boeing 747 pilot, said brace position is one of many aspects of flying that remains fairly baffling to the general public.


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