Holidays: Travel expert shares which countries will be added to ‘quarantine’ list

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Holidays abroad now come with a raft of travel restrictions in the wake of coronavirus. There are currently just eight countries in the whole world where Britons can go without facing testing or quarantine rules. These are: Germany, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, mainland Greece, Gibraltar and San Marino.

However, a travel expert has warned this list could be set to shrink.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has been known to make the latest updates to the UK’s travel corridor list every Thursday, with the next announcement likely due tomorrow.

Paul Charles, CEO of the travel consultancy, The PC Agency, has cautioned that Poland may be axed from the ‘safe’ list in his latest travel advice.

“Poland rises further into the red zone and sees a 61 percent increase in positive cases on a 14-day basis,” he tweeted today.

A seven-day rate of 20 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 is understood to be a key threshold for whether a country is removed from the FCO ‘safe’ list.

Poland currently has a rate of 24.4.

Charles also shared his insight on Sweden, Italy and Greece.

“Sweden, Italy and Greece are all red but have low positive test rates,” he explained.

Sweden has a seven-day rate of 28.9, Italy 20.1 and Greece 20.5.

However, when one Twitter used asked Charles about travel to Italy in October, the expert’s response was not positive.

“I’m afraid it is not looking too positive at the moment,” he replied.

“If the cases continue on current trends, then #Italy is highly unlikely to stay off the exempt list in mid-October. Hopefully things will improve.”

The UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) issued new travel advice for Italy today.

The country is cracking down on self-isolation measures.

“You will need to self-isolate if, in the 14 days prior to your arrival in Italy, you have stayed in or transited through a country where Italy continues to require self-isolation,” the FCDO explained.

“If these conditions apply to you, then you must report promptly to the local health authorities and self-isolate for 14 days.

“If you cannot self-isolate for 14 days for any reason, then entry to Italy may be refused.”

Charles also warned in his latest tweet that Bulgaria is unlikely to be added to the ’safe’ list this week.

The country has a seven-day rate of 20.3.

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