Holidays: Is booking a holiday last minute really cheaper or not? Expert reveals all

Holidays are often planned in advance with Britons excitedly looking forward to getting away. However, with so much uncertainty around travel at the moment amid the coronavirus crisis, many may be reticent to book. Last-minute bookings may well be the order of the day when holidays are finally permitted.


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Many people often wonder whether booking last minute is cheaper or not. spoke to Adam Pardini, CEO at travel agency Broadway Travel, to find out his travel advice.

Pardini explained that it’s all about how flexible you’re willing to be.

If you’re set on a particular destination or type of break then it might not be the booking style for you.

“This really depends on the type of holidaymaker you are,” said the travel expert.

“If you’re flexible with your destination, departure date and departure airport then there are last-minute bargains to find.”

Sometimes opting for last minute can throw up some real bargains.

Pardini clarified: “Holiday companies will want to make sure airlines and hotels are full, so great deals are often available if you can be flexible with these things.”

However, for some people, it might really be wisest to book in advance.

“Families and travellers who can only get certain dates off – such as teachers – are better off booking in advance,” said Pardini.

“Many companies offer advanced incentives that travellers can look out for such as free room upgrades, gifts on arrival and extra days for a discount.”

Pardini also shared a selection of top tips for how holidayers can save.


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“There are a number of ways you can save money when booking a holiday,” he said.

These include:

Booking late – so long as you’re flexible

Booking early – discounts and incentives are often available

Looking out for free child places

Calling a travel specialist who will do all the hard work for you

Being flexible with dates and departure airports

Signing up to newsletters and look out for flash sales

Searching for discount codes

Booking less favourable flight times

Researching up-and-coming destinations that are not as popular now.

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