Holidays 2020: Travel expert issues warning for Greece and Portugal holidays – what to do

Holidays now have to be organised with the utmost care and trepidation. Every week the latest travel restrictions are issued to denote which countries are on the quarantine list. However, yesterday the travel corridor list became even more complicated.

The home nations of the UK no longer have the same stance on which countries are on the ‘safe’ list.

Portugal and six Greek islands were added to the Welsh quarantine list along with Gibraltar and French Polynesia.

Meanwhile, for Scotland, Portugal and the entire of Greece have been added.

Yet in England, no new additions were made.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps tweeted yesterday: “We continue to keep the Travel Corridor list under constant review & won’t hesitate to remove countries if needed. However, there are no English additions or removals today.

“Nonetheless, holidaymakers are reminded – 14-day quarantine countries can & do change at very short notice.”

Of course, the divided approaches have left many travellers baffled.

Travel expert Simon Calder today shared his travel advice with BBC viewers.

“Wales are doing absolutely very specific targeting of places where they know, from their data, that there is a problem,” Calder explained.

“So they’re saying the six Greek islands, but we’re not worried about beautiful Madeira or the Azores, we know that they’re okay.”

“Whereas the UK government takes the view that it’s all or nothing.

“Either a country is low risk or it’s high risk, you cannot divide it up.

“It also takes the view that the only alternative to two weeks of self-isolation is no quarantine at all.

“It doesn’t agree with the idea that you can have some sort of testing regime, which of course is what the airlines desperately want.”

Calder continued: “I think what the Welsh are doing in terms of testing everybody who came in on that so-called coronavirus charter from Zakynthos to Cardiff – they tested them on arrival, they found more than 20 cases, they’re going to test everyone again in a couple of days – that way they think that they can actually get a much better result than just these blanket quarantines.

“But, as I say, the UK Government says it’s absolutely all or nothing.”

Calder concluded with a warning to British holidaymakers looking jet off abroad – it’s key to do your research.

“Remember, it’s the rules that are apply to the country you live in, that’s what you’ve got to look at when you’re trying to work out what your responsibilities are,” he said.

The UK government cations that “countries and territories can be taken off or added to the travel corridor list at any time.”

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