Holidays 2020: These people could be exempt from quarantine rules in the future – expert

Holidays are looking more unlikely and complicated this year as restrictions and quarantine rules come into play. The quarantine rules, which will begin next month, have caused outrage in the travel and tourism industry. Travel company bosses have sent a letter to the Home Secretary Priti Patel to demand the government drops the rules as they could “deter” people from holidaying abroad or in the UK.


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The UK is set to implement 14-day quarantine rules from next month which will be imposed on all arrivals into the UK.

The travellers will have to provide a UK address for where they will be staying under quarantine.

Police may or may not then check on the visitors to make sure they are following the new rules.

Anyone caught breaking the rules could face a fine of up to £1,000.

Ms Patel announced last week that the rules will be implemented from June 8.

This will also apply to Britons arriving back from holiday.

Travel risk expert Lloyd Figgins is Chairman of the Travel Risk & Incident Prevention (TRIP), which is an independent think-tank dedicated to improving knowledge, education and awareness of travel risk management.

He’s also the author of The Travel Survival Guide and often provides commentary in the media.

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Mr Figgins spoke exclusively with about how business travel could be a good way to see how safe airlines can be.

He said: “What I would say is I think we’ll probably see the business travel sector take off before mass travel and tourism.

“And I think this will be a very good way for the government, for airlines and for everyone involved in travel to be able to conduct an assessment as to how safe that is.

“And how the restrictions are actually working on a smaller scale before they then upscale it to mass travel and tourism.”

Mr Figgins later said that he thinks business travel could become exempt from quarantine restriction rules

He added: “I think the business travel side of things is an opportunity to see what procedures can be put in place.

“We’re seeing concessions now for lorry drivers coming from France not subject to quarantine.

“If we were to open that up to say business travellers not being subject to quarantine and then see how that goes.

“It needs to be a stepped approach and it needs to be a measured approach.

“There’s no point opening up large resorts and having masses of people descending on these places because we’ve also got to have a consideration and a responsibility for local people in the places where we might travel and the risks we might be putting them into by visiting those areas.”

Lloyds Figgins’ book, The Travel Survival Guide, is available to buy on Amazon

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