Holidays 2020: Britons could be jetting off to these destinations in time for summer

Holidays have been put on hold and lockdown measures around the world persist. Now, there seems to be a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel, as popular airlines gear up to restart flights and the government works to develop relationships with countries which will make international travel safer after the pandemic.


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Yet, with varying border restrictions around the world, the future of travel looks uncertain for Britons.

Luckily, Jon Thorne, Director of User Satisfaction at Skyscanner, shared an insight into some of the destinations which Britons may be able to get back to in time for summer.

The UK government recently revealed plans to impose a mandatory 14-day quarantine on people entering the UK from abroad.

However, those rules will not apply to those arriving from the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

This, Mr Thorne says, will make those neighbouring countries “attractive propositions for British travellers planning summer adventures.”

He also highlighted how potential “travel bubbles” could mean more European getaways in the near future.

“Officials at Heathrow Airport, the UK’s largest airport, have called on the government to open travel bubbles between the UK and other nations, most likely European and Schengen countries,” he explained.

“This would remove the need for quarantine and allow for more control over international movement.”

The UK government is in talks with other countries about the potential of opening up travel routes where cases of infection are low and controlled.

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“As they look ahead to the summer, nations around the world are discussing new travel alliances,” continues Mr Thorne.

“These ‘travel bubbles’, also called ‘travel corridors’ aim to allow passage between two or more countries without the need to quarantine.

“Three Baltic states, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia recently announced Europe’s first travel bubble.

“However, anyone entering from outside of these three nations will still need to quarantine for 14-days.”

Many European countries have already voiced their desire to welcome back British tourists as soon as it is safe to do so.

The Spanish Government officially confirmed that the country’s 14-day quarantine rule for international holidaymakers arriving into the country will cease on July 1, with Britons included.

Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez told people to “start planning their holidays” as national tourism would begin, followed by international holidays in July.


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He added: “There will be a tourist season this summer.

“Spain needs tourism and tourism needs security at origin and security at the destination.

“From now, foreign tourists can plan their vacations in our country.”

For travellers who hope to start planning their next escape, Mr Thorne says current cancellation policies on offer from travel providers could be key.

“Safety, is of course, paramount in many people’s minds,” he said.

“Many travellers are taking advantage of the airlines and hotels who are offering their most flexible cancellation policies ever and booking international travel for later this year and early next.”

He added that while there will undoubtedly be concerns regarding the virus moving forward, travel operators are working to ensure the safety of holidaymakers and staff.

“While it’s impossible to remove airborne pathogens completely, airlines have been finding new and better ways to keep the air onboard their flights clean for decades,” he added.

“It’s not just coronavirus that HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters combat.

“Heathrow airport, the UK’s largest airport, is using thermal cameras to detect travellers with higher than normal temperatures, a symptom of COVID-19. The technology and measures being taken at airports across the world are far more stringent and advanced than ever before.

“Airports and airlines are still asking travellers to bring their own face masks, an important thing to consider when packing for your trip.”

Airlines including easyJet, Ryanair and Jet2 have all outlined plans to resume holidays as of July, with new hygiene measures in place for passengers and crew.

Airports, such as Heathrow are also trialling safety measures to test and trace passengers who show symptoms of COVID-19.

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