Holiday park threatens cancellations unless guests clean toilets in Covid nightmare

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Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park in Padstow, Cornwall, has asked guests to volunteer to help clean toilet blocks after staff were told to self-isolate by the NHS Test and Trace app. The Park sent an email titled “Dunkirk Spirit” and said if guests were not prepared to help they might have to cancel bookings.

Owner Patrick Langmaid, 56, says he had no choice but to ask guests to help out due to “desperate times”.

Mr Langmaid said: “I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s holiday, I am genuinely exploring all means to keep the business open while healthy people are still being told to isolate.

“Two out of my 27 members of staff have been pinged from the app. One was pinged because her partner had tested positive and quite rightly isolated. The second received a ping, and was provided with the PCR tests from us. It came back negative as did the several lateral flow tests.

“I am preparing for what it is going to be like in the summer when we are over-pinged.

“As far as I’m concerned it’s a good thing, the app. I’m not an anti-vaxxer, anti-government, anti this, that or the other. But it is not fit for purpose and will cripple businesses unless something is done about it.

“My guests are holiday hungry and for their own well-being it would be a shame to cancel their long-awaited trip. I wouldn’t want to be met with calls of ‘Oh Patrick if you had only asked us rather than cancel our holiday I would have been more than willing to help.”

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One disgruntled holidaymaker said: “They use guilt tripping language almost likening this situation to Dunkirk. I can’t believe a holiday might be cancelled if I don’t want to spend my time cleaning the communal toilets. It’s just horrifically inappropriate to ask paying customers to scrub away.”

Mr Langmaid has assured guests that if he is forced to cancel holidays then a full refund will be made but warned that holidaymakers won’t be able to rearrange dates.

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