‘Higher chances of an upgrade’: Luxury pro shares hotel secrets for a ‘superior room’

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Prerna Malhan and her husband Harsh are behind the online travel platform Wanderer’s Hub. The couple describes themselves as “gypsies at heart and Youtubers by profession”, and the couple boasts almost five and a half million subscribers on their Youtube channel and 342,000 on their Instagram account @wanderershub. They spoke with Express.co.uk readers about how they can bag free hotel upgrades.

Prerna and Harsh have five clever tips to follow next time you check-in or book.

Arrive late

“Especially if you arrive late in the afternoon when most of the guests would have been assigned their rooms already and it gets quieter on the reception, the chances of getting upgraded are higher,” Prerna explained.

However, arrive too late and you risk suites having been given away.

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Good manners

“Remember to always have a smile on your face and ask the staff nicely if they could accommodate you in a superior room,” Prerna suggested.

She went on: “Good manners and a nice casual talk can definitely help you make a nice impression, and sometimes a room upgrade as well.”

Even if you don’t get a hotel room upgrade, you may well get some complimentary drinks or at least polite service in return.

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Mention special occasions

Prerna said: “Never forget to mention your birthdays, anniversary, or any special occasion while making bookings as the hotel will also want to make it memorable for you.

“I remember during our first anniversary trip to the Maldives, the hotel staff upgraded us for all four nights in an ocean villa, and sent us complimentary cake and drinks.

“They even prepared us special Indian cuisines and set us up on a nice, romantic canopy dinner.

“We recommended that property to several of our friends later, to say the least.”

Travel off-season

Suites or superior rooms are more likely to be available off-season, Prerna explained.

Compare deals

Prerna said: “Don’t forget to compare different hotel offers on different booking sites.

“I usually go mad scouting through these websites like Booking, EXPEDIA, Agoda, and TripAdvisor for the best deals.

“And 75 percent of the time, let me tell you, we are able to grab a smart deal.”

First class travel: How do people get upgraded?

Another travel expert detailed exactly what to say at reception to get a hotel room upgrade. 

One money-saving expert told Express.co.uk how anyone can bag a suite by requesting the right thing at reception.

The expert said: “Request a higher floor at the hotel.

“The suites and more premium rooms are usually located on the higher floors of a hotel, so request a room in the sky.”

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