Hidden airport rooms holidaymakers rarely know – from sleep pods to dog parks

Red list travel restrictions could be lifted soon which means travelling abroad may be back in full swing.

From killing time browsing in a WHSmith to raiding the duty free to find yourself a bargain, airports really can be an interest experience

However, have you ever wondered that there may be more hidden away in airports.

Well, here are nine not widely known about rooms that reside around the world's airports.

The sleep rooms at McCarran, Las Vegas, US

As the saying goes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

So after a party fuelled holiday, your body is bound to need some rest.

With many people not able to catch some Zs on a flight, then this Las Vegas airport has just the thing.

The airport boasts sleep rooms where you can rest your head in a quiet space away from the hectic main grounds.

According to the Zero Level website who manages the rooms, “naps start at $30 for 2 hours".

An expensive sleep but better than slogging it on an airport chair!

The meditation room at Schipol, Netherlands

Nothing is worse than pre-holiday stress.

Having to locate your passport, squeeze your luggage into the car and locate the right gate – the list goes on.

So, this Dutch airport has created a ‘Meditation Centre’ which assists you in finding peace and reflection before boarding the flight.

Who cares if your flight is cancelled now, you would have managed to zen yourself!

Virgin Lounge Premium Entry, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia

For most of us, bagging a bargain flight on Ryanair is the most affordable way to travel.

However, some of us who dabble in the life of luxury will be able to experience the Virgin premium lounge in Sydney and Brisbane in Australia.

The exclusive room is only open to travellers who have opted for business class tickets and Velocity Platinum and Gold members.

Prided on comfort, the lounge enables passengers to really relax before catching their flight as you even get a personal staff member to help make your experience really worth the money.

Features include private check-in and valet parking.

The Sleep boxes at Sheremetyevo, Moscow, Russia

Similar to Las Vegas, this Russian airport has kitted out a room with some sleep boxes.

Spotted around the airport, the timber-like structures are used for getting a few hours of sleep.

The space can be hired by the hour and can be used singularly or up to three people.

We guess it’s better than trying to find a comfy position on the flight!

Sensory Room at Shannon, Ireland

For those who have autism or other neurodevelopmental conditions, flying can be extra hard at times.

However, this airport in Ireland has kitted out a sensory room that helps bring some calm to a challenging situation.

Reserved for one family at a time, the space boasts LED lights that change colour and a bubble tube.

The Yoga Room at O’Hare, Chicago, US

A sleep or meditation room not doing it for you?

This Chicago airport is home to a yoga room that can help you reach a level of relaxation before you are met with turbulence and chair kicking children.

The room boasts a monitor mounted on the wall that plays soothing music whilst guiding you through yoga poses.

The dog park at Hartsfield-Jackson, Atlanta, US

Wanting to bring your furry friend on-board but worried that they run about while waiting?

Well this Atlanta airport is super dog friendly as it includes a whole dog park.

The pet pooch area is completely cordoned off by a fence which keeps your dog safe allowing them to stretch their legs as you stretch yours too.

This dog park isn't just reserved for canines with flight miles to their name.

If you are at the airport and a pooch enthusiast, then you are also welcome to enjoy the area.

Prison cells at Pittsburgh International, US

Airports are not free of crime.

Pittsburgh International, US, is home to a selection of jail cells that keep the delinquent at bay.

The cells are a far-cry from the luxuries of premium lounges, as the unruly are held in rooms kitted out with barred doors, non-discreet toilet and the usual metal bed and bench combo.

The morgue Schipol, Netherlands

Unfortunately, not all of us make it to our all inclusive getaway.

Netherlands biggest airport Schiphol, Amsterdam, has a rather depressing feature – a morgue.

Sadly, people who die whilst mid-flight can be taken to the airport morgue.

And this mortuary sees close to 2000 dead bodies per year.


We think we will stick to the meditation room, thanks!

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