Greece travel: The 5 islands you CAN go to – listed

Lesvos, Tinos, Serifos, Mykonos, Crete, Santorini and Zakynthos are all off-limits after the UK Government decided to add the islands to its quarantine list. This means Brits travelling to these islands will need to self-isolate on return to the UK, starting from September 9 at 4am. These seven islands are all popular holiday destinations, but they aren’t the only Greek islands you can visit. Which Greek islands can you go to?

There are 6,000 Greek islands and islets in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, but only 227 of them are inhabited.

Seven of the most popular islands are now on the travel quarantine list, making a holiday to these islands very difficult.

Desperate for a Greek island getaway but not sure where to go? reveals five of the hundreds of Greek islands that you can still go to.

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The 5 islands you CAN go to


Skiathos is a member of the Spoardes group, and it’s a very busy place to be normally.

The island is perfect for relaxing on the beach, since it has more than 60 clean beaches.

Koukounariés is one of them, and has been voted the third most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean!

Full of exciting nightlife, bars, and entertainment, this is the place to be for young people.

That doesn’t mean it’s only for the youngsters, though, as the town has many romantic spots, nature to explore, sights to see, and hikes to embark on.


Skopelos is the island the famous wedding scenes in Mamma Mia were filmed on, and who wouldn’t want to go there?

The island is popular for families and couples, since it boasts a picturesque landscape, crystal-clear water, and plenty of places to eat and drink.

Stay in a quiet accommodation on the beach or bustling hotel in the towns, it’s up to you!

There are no airports on Skopalos, so you’ll have to travel via Skiathos and catch the ferry.

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Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands and you can go there right now.

While there, you can visit its stunning beaches, fishing villages, and underground caves.

The beaches in Kefalonia are famous across the globe, and so are its landscapes and food.

If you really love beaches, you need to visit Kefalonia!

Try Myrtos, Antisamos, Lourdas, and Skala.


Naxos isn’t one of the more popular islands, but it is one of the most beautiful.

It’s right near Paros and Mykonos, but stays under the mainstream radar.

If you love history, there are plenty of ancient sites to visit in Naxos– from monuments to mountains.

The most iconic site Naxos has to offer is Portara– the remaining gate of an ancient temple dedicated to the Greek god Apollo.


Kos is the third biggest of the Greek islands, making it extremely versatile as a holiday destination.

Those who want to experience a busy nightlife and those who want peace can both find what they want on this island.

Sightseeing, water sports, and wining and dining, are all things you can do in Jos.

The island has a rich history, influenced by a range of cultures such as the medieval nights, the Ottomans, the Romans and the Venetians.

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