Google Maps Street View: Terrifying mutilated sight spotted – is someone trying to escape?

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Google Maps Street View has become well known for photographing bizarre scenes. Strange sights have popped up across the globe thanks to the fascinating geographical tool. Some images are entertaining but some are downright terrifying.

One such sight was spotted by an eagle-eyed Internet user.

It was shared on US content-sharing site Reddit.

The photo has captured a road and the edge of a grass lawn, seemingly in front of a house.

However, it’s what can be seen on the tarmac that sends chills down one’s spine.

There, in the middle of the road, appears to be a hand.

The extremity is attached to no body whatsoever.

It is quite simply just a hand.

But where is the hand coming from and what has happened here?

To some, it might look as though someone – or something – is attempting to crawl up out of the road’s surface, like something out of a horror film.

Could it be some demon from the underworld?

To others, the appendage might be viewed as a severed hand lying on the road.

Has a horrible accident come to pass at this spot? What occurred to the owner?

Frustratingly, no immediate answer is given by the photo itself.

However, with the section of tarmac around the hand appearing rather blurred it seems likely the alarming scene is the result of a technological glitch rather than a demonic vision or mutilation.

Reddit users were quick to share their own thoughts.

One thought it appeared a crime had been committed.

“It looks like the Google car just ran someone over lmao,” they posted.

Another person said it reminded them of a computer tool.

“It’s like those point and click games where the cursor changes to a hand to interact with something,” they wrote.

A third compared the hand to fictional character Thing in The Addams Family series which is a severed hand.

“Isn’t that the thing from Adams family?” they mused.

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