Google Maps Street View: Rare ‘conjoined twin’ sighting shocks viewers

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Google Maps Street View used 3D cameras to cleverly create a virtual world in which users can click around. Viewers are able to map their way around towns and cities across the globe at street level.

Increasingly though, along the way, users often spot some unexpected moments unfolding.

In one scene, a viewer was so shocked by what they discovered that they shared it with others in a Reddit forum.

The scene unfolds in what appears to be a park on a sunny day in Finland.

The main focus of the image is a path running alongside a tarmac road.

A white bench is situated in front of a large expanse of greenery, the perfect spot for relaxing in the sunshine.

Indeed, sat on the bench is an interesting duo who appear to be doing just that.

However, it is the appearance of the men which has left viewers baffled.

Two men are sat in rather close quarters on the bench.

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Both men are dressed in matching green T-shirts, black shorts and brown shoes.

The duo also both wear sunglasses and are even looking in the same direction.

In a bizarre twist, both men seem to share a leg and are joined together at the shoulder.

The Google Maps user who shared the image to Reddit described the men as “conjoined twins”.

They wrote: “Just chilling with my conjoined twin.”

Another user commented on the scene, saying: “As one does. Or as two do.”

While the moment is certainly eye-catching, there is likely a logical explanation behind it.

The twin-like appearance is actually just one man who has been cut in half and seemingly doubled by a common Google Maps glitch.

Google Maps Street View works by attaching a 3D camera to the roof of specially designated Google cars.

These cars then travel around snapping photographs to be stitched together in post-production.

Sometimes moving objects ruin the scene as they shift when the photos are taken.

This then results in some rather bizarre looking moments, much like what has happened to this man’s body.

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