Google Maps Street View: Man’s crude move while riding bike spotted in residential area

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Many users may head to Google Maps to figure out the directions to a new location, or simply to scour the streets of their local neighbourhood from a virtual perspective. Along the way, however, they may happen upon some rather unexpected scenarios.

This appears to be happening more and more, with users screen-grabbing bizarre moments from around the world and sharing them to Reddit.

Often these incidents are even more likely when members of the public are snapped by Google’s cameras.

One such occurrence happened in a residential street – though the exact location remains unknown.

The surroundings show a path running alongside some neatly trimmed grass.

In the background, there appears to be a house, its front door and a window facing toward the camera.

A few trees are also dotted around.

However, it is not the quaint neighbourhood that is the focus of this moment, but rather what is happening in the foreground.

Moseying along the path is a man who appears to be enjoying a bike ride on a summer’s day.

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He is dressed in a vest, shorts and sunglasses – an indication he is prepared for some heat.

Yet, as innocent as a summer bike ride may be, the decision the man has made during his ride caught the attention of one Google Maps user.

Indeed, the man is pulling a rather crude gesture directly at the camera.

His right arm is raised in the air, middle finger standing to attention in a vulgar display.

It is something the Google Maps user has picked up on, sharing the scene to Reddit with the simple caption: “F you.”

Whether Google did something to offend this man, or whether he simply felt it was a funny prank, remains unknown.

Given that the man’s identity is also unclear, it’s a story users may never fully understand.

The swearing man is not alone in his decision, though.

Many others have also been spotted throwing vulgar insults at the Google Maps Street View camera as it rides by.

In Brooklyn, New York, three men were recently spotted making a similar display.

Stood outside of a red brick building, two of the men held their arms in the air as they swore at the camera.

Though their third accomplice appeared to be a little slower in his reaction, by the positioning of his arms, it is likely he too was going to join in the fun.

A similar incident also occurred outside of a hotel in California, where two men were spotted making rude hand gestures.

Some Reddit commenters were left unimpressed by the display, with one labelling the duo: “Mindlessly vulgar”.

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