Google Maps: Street View catches two figures dressed in hazmat suits on island fortress

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Google Maps is a popular tool and app used by millions of people across the planet on a daily basis. The tool is perfect for finding your way from your home to the shops or even further afar to a different country. Often, the tool is used not only for navigation but for satellite images, panoramic views and route planning.

However, more recently the tool has been used to find some of the most bizarre and strange images people can find.

From dogs driving cars to people swearing on camera, the Street View lens has seen it all.

Often, the most strange images go viral on social media.

While other posts garner comments from people across the world.

This bizarre sight was spotted in Oscarsborg Fortress near Drøbak in Viken county, Norway.

Even from close up, this image looks very bizarre.

Two figures appear to be in the centre of a green field with trees.

In the background, hills and water can be seen along with cloudy skies.

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The figures look human but are wearing red outfits that look like hazmat suits.

Their faces have been blurred out by the Street View lens.

One of the figures has their hands up in the air in fists in a comical stance.

The other appears to be holding a golf club in the air as though they’re about to hit the other figure.

They’re both wearing red covers over their shoes so it looks like they’re dressed all in red.

Both figures are also wearing black gloves.

It’s unclear why they’re dressed in that way but it seems to be a comedy stunt of some kind.

The scene was spotted on Google Maps by an eagle-eyed Reddit user.

They captioned the photo: “Some guys in hazmat suits are going at it in Norway.”

Someone commented on the post saying, “Looks suspicious.”

Oscarsborg Fortress is a coastal fortress in the Oslofjord, close to the small town of Drøbak in Viken county, Norway.

Oscarsborg Fortress was given protected status in 2014.

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