Golf in Wales: Going beyond the greens in Ireland and Scotland

This week we’re headed to Wales with our golf reporter (who also has a full-time job as our aviation editor) Robert Silk, who recorded this episode at the International Golf Travel Market show with Jason Thomas the director of culture, sport and tourism for Wales, and Dave Redmond, senior partner with Maryland-based Epic Golf Travel. 

IGTM this year was held in Wales, and in this episode the trio talks about the benefits of playing links courses in Wales – and why more American golfers don’t choose Wales over its famous golf-kingpin neighbors, Scotland and Ireland.

The conversation tackles golfers’ travel mindsets, as well as how Wales may plan to approach marketing its greens. 

This episode was recorded Oct. 20 and has been edited for length and clarity. 

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This episode of the Folo by Travel Weekly podcast was sponsored by Hurtigruten Expeditions.

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