Go NZ: The Hits Breakfast host Jono Pryor’s favourite New Zealand holiday spots from a life in travel

What are your favourite memories from childhood family holidays in NZ?

Travelling to Rangiora, North Canterbury. to see my cousins on their farm. I have no place being on a farm. There is no part of me that is practical enough to be of any use to anyone on a farm.

Where is your favourite off-the-beaten-track spot to get away from it all?

We go to my in-laws at Whangamata. I wouldn’t say it was “off the beaten track” but it’s an idyllic place to get my pasty white thighs out over the summer months. Whenever we are there it feels like the NZ of old — you spend time swimming, rabbiting on to the neighbours about nothing, and everyone leaves their doors unlocked. Which is a great piece of intel for any burglars reading this magazine . . .

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