Go NZ: The best scuba diving sites in New Zealand

Over the last five years, female scuba divers around the world have gathered on a day in July to celebrate their passion for the underwater world. A traditionally male-dominated industry, the annual PADI Women’s Dive Day, this year on July 18, aims to encourage more women into the sport and foster a community of those who care about the ocean.

Female divers come together to hold conservation efforts such as ocean and beach clean-ups and planting coral nurseries, or fundraising for womens’ health research. While divers around the world will this year most likely have to celebrate digitally because of Covid-19, New Zealanders are fortunate to have the freedom to explore our own ocean.

Here’s where some of New Zealand’s top female scuba divers love to go.

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Sophie Roselt, instructor and skipper at Dive! Tutukaka Favourite sites: Tie-Dye Arch and Blue Maomao Arch, Poor Knights Islands

The arches are almost on opposite ends of the spectrum – Blue Maomao is shallow & calm, while Tie-Dye is deeper and more exposed. They’re both home to incredible amounts of fish and have beautiful light displays from the unique formation of volcanic topography.

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