Ghosts sightings in the UK: The most haunted regions named – ‘eerie experience’

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Britons have reported 12,000 ghost sightings over the years. And of course, this is only the sightings ghost hunters have told others about.

Ghost sightings in the UK are nothing new, with someone claiming to have seen Annie Chapman, the second victim of Jack the Ripper, out and about back in the 1930s.

A spokesperson for NetVoucherCodes said: “Since then people have been obsessed with haunted houses and ghost sightings.

“People are actively seeking ghost hotspots in the hopes of having an eerie experience firsthand and others will just be interested in knowing the number of ghost sightings in their area.

“Our research has found that the number of ghost sightings across the UK are quite high, with a fair amount of sightings in each region.”

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While the UK as a whole is ripe ground for ghost hunting, some regions will give hunting Britons better chances of spotting an otherworldly phenomenon.

The South West was reported to have 2,137 ghost sightings, making it the most haunted region in the UK.

To be even more specific, Dorset had the most sightings, with 433.

In second place was the East of England, with 1,776 sightings.

Essex took the crown in the area with 499 ghostly occurrences.

Third on the list was the South East with 1,664 sightings.

Scotland came fourth, with 1,232 sightings, including a floating face haunting the Aberdeen Arts Centre.

The North East was fifth with 1,135 sightings.

Northumberland’s Alnmouth Schooner Hotel is rumoured to be the home of a phantom soldier, a ghost child and unexplained screams.

At the other end of the list, Northern Ireland only had 135 sightings and came 11th.

One particularly frightening ghostly occurrence happened at Roe Valley Hospital in Limavady, when security spotted a suspicious figure on camera.

It was impossible to figure out what it was, but locals believe the hospital is haunted.

Reports mention crying babies at night, accompanied by men and women in uniform.

Ghosts sightings in the UK

1. South West (2,137 total sightings)

2. East of England (1,776 total sightings)

3. South East (1,664 total sightings)

4. Scotland (1,232 total sightings)

5. North East (1,135 total sightings)

6. North West (1,016 total sightings) 

7. Wales (756 total sightings) 

8. Greater London (726 total sightings) 

9. West Midlands (702 total sightings)

10. East Midlands (462 total sightings) 

11. Northern Ireland (135 total sightings)


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