‘Game changer’ Woman shares sneaky way to get extra luggage on flights without paying more

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Marie, who shares an Instagram account with her partner Jake, posted a video sharing a “game changer” travel hack if you are prone to overpacking and have no space left in your luggage.

Marie simply grabs an empty pillowcase and starts stuffing her clothes inside to make it look like a regular pillow.

She was then able to carry the pillow through the terminal and onto her flight, with no-one telling her she had to pay more for the extra clothes she had stashed inside the case.

After just one week Marie’s video has received more than 64,000 likes people can’t get enough of the “genius” hack.

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One person wrote: “This is so smart! I’ll definitely do this on my next trip.” And another said it was the “best trick ever”.

A third added: “This is the best advice I’ve ever gotten, ever.”

And a fourth pointed out the added benefits of separating some of your clothes from your main suitcase. The commenter explained: “Omg so clever. Then you also have some clothes even if your suitcase is lost!”

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However, not everyone was impressed by the hack and several people pointed out it wouldn’t work on cheaper airlines that have tighter restrictions on both hold luggage and hand luggage.

One person said: “The UK budget airlines would charge for that!”

Another agreed, adding: “But you can’t do that on low-cost flights, can you?”

Which prompted Marie to respond: “There are certainly airlines where it is not possible, for sure.”

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